October 07, 2012

Tennis Time

This is dear tennis S.  AKA Hurricane.   Yes, that giant thing in her hand is a beverage mug.  Heavens only knows how much liquid that thing actually holds, but I will tell you that ALTA rules state you aren't to have a potty break until after the 2nd set (if you go to 3 sets).  I have NO eartly idea how she does that with THAT mug!

Hurricane was given the name for her U of Miami gear she sported at practice by our coach G.  She’s sweet and sassy (mostly sassy) but a fierce competitor.  A lefty like me, I’m proud to have been her partner many of times.  Well, that’s when she was holding up the bottom rungs of the line up with me at line 4 or 5.  But, she’s been practicing and now moved on to greener pastures (and better partners) at lines 1 and 2 and winning there with the Mari's (aka the sisters).  
Like most of our team, we aren’t your normal ALTA Betty’s like we see in the other teams we play.  You know … the one’s that play 10 times a week, stress over their attire, the gossip and every little dramatic detail of their match.  We, on the other hand, have done this too long together to be so high maintenance. 

Ok, I know those that know me well don’t believe for a split second that I’m not “high maintenance”.  I keep it in check and am on the low drama spectrum compared to the sport … how’s that?  And yes, I did attempt to make tennis ball turned pumpkin cookies just a few weeks ago (details here).
Anywho, today, Hurricane shared her tasty sandwich roll recipe (that's what's in the other hand); which I need to try soon and one thing led to another and we were all comparing tips and tricks on everything under the sun!  Who knew the cookie trick of putting your rolled cookie dough back in the fridge before cutting into the perfect cookie also works for pinwheel sandwiches!  Good to know!

In honor of sassy Hurricane, I'm going to dig back through the ole' files and see what high maintenance tennis tablescapes I can find to share.  My network is acting a bit funny right now.  I think there are a few hiding somewhere in the elaborate file system I've developed (that does nothing more than confuse me and lose files!).  To not make anyone dizzy from the tennis overload, I'll share in a series of flashbacks coming soon!

We won all 5 matches today, so here's to a possible trip to playoffs again this season!