October 22, 2012

Duh ... I Choose Treats

As we are rapidly approaching that grand evening of trick or treat, I realize that I haven't bought my treats just yet (out of fear that we will eat all the good candy before the kids ring the doorbell) and that I haven't shared my treats table decor!

Each vignette for the holiday has a different look and feel.  Some are subtle, some are spooky and some are down right fun!  This one is really fun - treats, glitter, cartoony spooks and anything happy Halloween round out this display!

My entry foyer table has been transformed into a treatfest of sorts.  The large oversized chalkboard originally debuted at Baby B's birthday bash, but I held onto it knowing it would be handy for other events.  The festive garland is comprised of dollar store paper lanterns hung on twine.  Between the lanterns, small pieces if green, orange and pattern ribbon were knotted for a fun, colorful splash. 

The trick or treat eye chart printable was left over from last year, and most of the other knick knacks were fun finds from Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Home Goods over the years.  The polka dot runner is actually a gauze like paper (not fabric) but it has lasted me two years thus far ... fingers crossed Baby B doesn't find it!

The spooky black caldron is filled with bright orange raffia shreds.  Accompanying it are two oversized festive lollipops with gauze covers.  I picked these up last year at Hobby Lobby for a dollar a piece!  The trick or treat wand is new this year ... a find that was to cute to pass up. 

Sitting pretty next to the table, my Union Jack stool has been covered in spooky spider webs and topped with a stuffed pumpkin and oversized glitter spider.  Next to it on the floor sits a black pumpkin with funny bat face.  Shadowy spiders climb the walls in the foyer to round out the look.

Here's to treats, y'all!