July 18, 2011

Boys VS Girls

For the first time in my life, the pink team is outnumbered by the blue team!  Growing up, pink wwwaaaaaayyyyy outnumbered the blue that Dear ole Dad could muster up.  He didn't really stand a chance, quite frankly, against the girly powers of Zsa Zsa, Lala and me!  There were dresses, dolls, ballet recitals, cheerleading competitions and so on.  And like a champ, the man's man obliged and supported his girls every step of the way.

Then, when Dear Hubs and I added our first diva dog to the family, Sheila added a point to make the girls outnumber the boys in my own household.  While diva dog #2, Colby, levelled the playing field ... I've neva eva considered the thought that I would one day be OUTNUMBERED in my own home! 

While I will enjoy every moment before Baby B grows boy enough to start toting bugs and boy things into the home, this book will prominently be displayed on my not so childproof glass coffee table in the media room.

I saw this book at Barnes and Noble a while back and just thought it was the most clever little collection of short stories, tips and tricks.  Of course, it must be made mine!  A survival guide of sorts, The Double Daring Book for Girls by Buchanan and Peskowitz is an adorable collection of stories, facts and tips that every daring girl must know!  Hey, there's even a short entry on "how to fish" ... perhaps this will help prep me for the day when Baby B asks me to put a worm on a hook for him (eeeewwwwww).

~charmed, b