July 03, 2011

Breakfast at Wimbeldon

As has become tradition around these parts, the last day of the Wimbeldon  Tennis Championship is celebrated with good cheer and a ceremonial breakfast watching of the Gentlemen's Singles Championship.  Dear Hubs and I both love tennis (playing and watching) and I love the classic and regal atmosphere that the Wimbeldon white tennis outfits portray on the green grass court.  While we have had the great opportunity to tour the grounds of Wimbeldon outside of London (well, less of a "tour" and more of us snooping after hours), we have not yet made it to this Grand Slam Tourney in person.  And so, every year about this time we plan for a lazy Sunday morning breakfast and a few good hours of tennis watching as the greats battle it out on the big screen.

To pay homage to the great traditional snack of the tournament; strawberries and cream, this year's breakfast featured homemade vanilla waffles with none other than a lovely side of strawberries and cream.  Paired with a big cup of coffee, to say it was delish would be an understatement.  Legend has it that the strawberries and cream at Wimbeldon dates back to 1877 when strawberries were brought to the tennis tournament as a sign that summer has arrived.  Since the sweet berries were only available for a short time, it became the en vogue thing to eat and a sign of celebration.  The traditional fruit snack stuck, and I can't say I blame them! 

As I type, my favorite (how can he not be) Nadal has just lost the first set of this best of five set match to Djokovic.  Perhaps I better get back to cheering on my dear Rafa!

~charmed b