July 29, 2011

Sweet and Simple Candy Buffet

To welcome friends, family and visitors to our home to meet Baby B, I whipped up this decorative candy display to give a parting gift and a sweet treat to those that stop by.  Sure, they are coming to meet their new friend Baby B, but what's wrong with sending them on their way southern style with a sweet way to say thanks for coming by? 

With a little prep and a few cute purchases, a simply candy buffet is within reach.  First, round up some glass vases or jars.  I have quite a thing for apothocary jars and so tracking down a few for this wasn't too hard!  Then, I filled the jars with cute "baby" candy.  One jar was filled with blue and white M&M's and another was full of sweet tart candy shaped like pacifiers.  Lastly, who doesn't love pixie stix?  And so a silver mint julip cup was added with a handful of blue pixies (and then the other flavors were added later when the blue started disappearing!). 

To stash the cute candy favors, I used simple white bags that I found at the craft store and made sweet monogram labels in blue to add a special touch.  This is all you need to give your guests the supplies they need to help themselves to a self serve buffet. 

But wait ... there's more!  Remember that silhoutte belly shot craft?  Well here it adds a personal touch to the display while we wait (anxiously) for Baby B's newborn pics to arrive.  Lastly, some oversized blue lollipops add a touch of whimsy.  Surprisingly, these are available at craft and grocery stores near me - so check your local spots!  Just fill a mint julip cup with foam and add the pops, covering the foam with some decorative paper shreds. 

See what I told you ... an almost instant, effortless candy buffet!  Enjoy!