July 05, 2011

Make Room For Baby

Since our last chats, I have the esteemed pleasure of becoming someone's momma.  No words can describe the wonder that comes with this title and how simply perfect life is with Baby B in the world.  As I pass the final hours before going home (I hope) with my bundle of joy, I thought I'd share a sneak peak of Baby B's nursery.  Dear Hubs and I just can't wait to bring the little guy home and start are life as a party of three!

When we found out that we were expecting a little boy into our lives, I crafted elaborate plans for a very non-traditional nursery that was fancier than fancy and gussier than gussy.  A chandelier was in scope along with silk drapes and only the finest "non-baby" looking decor.  When my plan started coming together, Dear Hubs showed a little of his manly man muscle and started vetoing the odds and ends I had selected.  The chandelier would hang too low for his 6 foot 5 head, the glass accessories seemed to be a hazzard for a wild little boy and silk in a child's room was a laughable proposal.  While I can typically negotiate a victory on these home decor topics, his power was only supplemented by Zsa Zsa who took his side by saying the idea "looked like a nice guest bedroom". 

Okay, okay ... I concede.  And thus began nursery plan B.  This time, something more durable, rugged and "little boy" was requested.  With my decor guiding principles still firmly in tact, Dear Hubs and I agreed on a classic style nursery that was a little more reflective of "little boy" and a little less "guest bedroom".  One of my favorite aspects of the nursery is that we were able to incorporate vintage toys and art from my baby room and Dear Hub's childhood as well.  The artwork in the room is comprised of watercolor zoo animals that also proudly hung in my baby nursery.  One of Zsa Zsa's friends painted them as a gift for my arrival a few years ago.  The adorable wooden truck collection on the hutch were hand crafted by Dear Hub's great uncle for him as a child.  Given the stories from MIL and FIL about how wild Hubs was as a little boy, these are in impressively good shape!  The room's color pallet is comprised of cloud blue with chocolate brown pinstripe, khaki and brown.  I know this is a sweet little room that will grow with him for years to come.   

And now that the room is decorated and we anxiously await the only missing component to complete it - Baby B, I have to say I'm pleased as punch with the outcome and feel like this is the perfect way to welcome him home!

Wreath from Bestie M that she made for the baby shower

Love the area rug from Restoration Hardware

Oversized tin stars coordinate with the vintage theme

Sweet vintage zoo animal painting - freshly matted and framed
The truck collection, books and keepsake accesories from Zsa Zsa, Dear Ole Dad, Lala and special bestie fam M


Ready for rocking sweet baby

Bathroom (still slightly in progress)

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