July 21, 2011

Welcome Home!

Our Little Precious Baby B

Welcome Home!

It's been just about a week since Dear Hubs and I made our way home from the hospital with a little more in tow than when we arrived.  Baby B arrived on July 7th and made his appearance at 8lb 11 oz and 22.75 inches long.  We have spent the past week adjusting our duet into a trio and I'm happy to report we are doing just fine!  The last two weeks has been full of firsts with great promise of many more to come!

Baby B is a strapping young man and already proving that he will one day surely eat us out of house and home.  If there is any truth to the addage that babies grow when they sleep, this explains why our good little sleeper has already doubled his nourishment intake in just two weeks.  We love every minute with him and just can't take our eyes off of our sweet little boy!

Here's a few pics of our time with friends and family at the hospital and our big return home!

Family Photo of the Triple B's at the Hospital

Auntie LaLa meeting her new nephew

Zsa Zsa and Dear Ole Dad

Grand Nana Meeting her new GREAT Grandson

Bestie M with Baby B

Bestie S comes for a visit

Besties P, D and K stopped by to say hello!

Besties A and M with sweet Baby B

Dear Friends for Years S, M and S

Zsa Zsa's Childhood Friend D and her Mister

A's Mister B Came By With Well Wishes

Neighbors and Good Friends Since my Childhood, J and O

The Happy Family - Diva Dogs and ALL!