July 14, 2011

Chalkboard Shortcuts

For some time now, I've had my eye on the adorable chalkboards at Ballard Designs and the likes.  I have shuffled art and wall decor from wall to wall in my kitchen and other rooms trying to find a suitable home for one of these gems.  Just when I thought I'd found an appropriate home, I came down with a case of cold feet when I saw the price tag on the larger size board.  The thought of an almost $200 price for a chalkboard that I could secure at the craft store for about $10 just didn't seem sensible. 

And so, I set out to see how I could recreate a similar board for much, much less.  Trying one or two different options, Dear Hubs actually came up with the winning suggestion.  I took a frame (purchased at craft store half price) and flipped the backing around to face forward and also removed the glass.  Then, the black finished side of the backing (now facing out like a picture) was painted with a few coats of chalkboard paint that I had left over from another playroom craft (more on that later).  Chalkboard paint is readily available at Home Depot and other paint stores and that little quart size sure goes a long way!  A few coats and a enough dry time for a good curing (2+ days) and voila ... my replica of the designer chalkboard for about 20% of the price!  Such a bargain!

I just love a deal!

~charmed, b