July 04, 2011

Rice Krispy Sparklers

For one of the wonderfully festive cookout events with friends and fam this holiday weekend, we celebrated with a good food and friends at dear neighbors J and J's house.  Every year on the 3rd of July, we join them for a celebration, sparklers, bounce houses and delish treats that all the guest prepare.  Each time, J features the super "feet long" sub sandwich that her dad sweetly prepares for the crowd; importing bread long enough for miles and miles of sandwich from Florida where his restaurant sources the tasty roll!

This year, my contribution to the fete was rice krispy treat sparklers.  To gussy up the fan fave treats a bit, I cut them into the shape of stars and added star sprinkles.  If that wasn't cute enough, I added treat sticks from the craft store.  Once I had about 50 or 60 of these cute krispy pops, I realized I needed a way to display these upright instead of just placing them on a platter.  Insert the great tutorial of friend A (bestie M's sister) over at Dixie Delights.  Using a similar technique as she describes in her baseball posting, I fashioned a foam display board for the sparkler treats that made it not only easy for transporting, but adorable for display!

Happy 4th, ya'll!  Hope everyone is celebrating with good weather, good friends and good times!

~charmed, b