August 13, 2011

Big Creek Arts Show

Charmed Life Kids has stepped out of the virtual world and is making our debute in person at the Big Creek Arts and Crafts Festival today.  The festival is at First Redeemer Church in Cumming, GA from 9 am - 4pm.  So if you are in the area - drop by and say hello! 

While I work full time in the fast paced world of information technology and deal with big corporations day in and day out; CLK has tested my business accumen and expanded my business saviness into tons of directions I never would have imagined.  From learning tax laws and importing regulations to sales and virtual marketing ... this has been a great experience and we are definitely learning as we go.  (Who knew there were so many options for shipping???)  I feel blessed every day to be able to work on something as fun as CLK and am just pleased as punch to join the festival today!

If you haven't already joined us ... hop on over to like us on facebook!    

~charmed, b