August 02, 2011

Front Door Festivities

Ya'll know by now that I'm just a sucker for front door festivities.  Whether it's wreathes, flags or some other fun accents to make my front porch more hospitable ... I'm all about it.  To welcome home Baby B (and yes, I realize every post seems to be consumed with crafts and such related to the babe, but when in Rome ... well. just go with it), I pre-planned a little front door decor suitable to bring home the guest of honor. 

The nice part of these crafts is that (1) I reused a quick fix crafty wreath from earlier this summer and (2) the other pieces are versatile and can be used for other things in the future.

First, the wreathes were made using the easy to follow outline on a previous post.  Check it out for instructions for this so easy and inexpensive summer wreath.  Then, for the monogrammed additions to the wreathes and the "baby" signs for the planters, I simply purchased pre-cut wooden letters from the craft store.  These are readily available and most stores have some super cute, fun fonts now in addition to the basic fonts.  Using my trusty glue gun, I attached the letters to one another to make them into a plaque of sorts.  Once dried completely, to the "baby" signs, I added two wooden dowels to the back of the letters to support it.  The entire thing was then spray painted a cheery blue and voila ... adorable decor is complete!

Today, I realized that these sweet front door decorations must come down at some point and the monograms have new life already planned for their future careers.  A quick coat of gold or red spray paint and these monograms will be ready for Christmas!  As for the "baby" sign, well ... it may need to wait for it's second coming with baby #2 (no ... no date set at this point thank you very much!) but nonetheless I promise I will make it useful again! 

And, new idea ... how cute would this sign idea be for Halloween?  Hmmm.... I think I see a new craft in my future!

~charmed, b

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