August 30, 2011

Colorful Creative

I'm a magazine junky.  Well, that's putting it mildly ... every month volume upon volume of my fave periodicals roll into my mailbox.  I save these little gems away for the afternoon that happens every once and a while when Baby B sleeps long enough for me to drool over all of the pics, ideas and get some creative inspiration. 

If you are like me and treasure your time enthrawled in print, you have probably come across those darling Sherwin Williams advertisements.  They can't be missed in Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living and the likes.  You know the ones ... where the creative minds at SW have taken paint swatches and craft something adorable like a cake or a house out of the fabulous colors.  These ad geniuses inspired my gift wrapping for Dear Ole' Dad's birthday gift back in June.  So, imagine my surprise when I opened the pages of Southern Living this month to find that Sherwin Williams had an ad that was very similar to my crafty goodness!  Maybe I should get a job working in advertising, great minds must think alike! :)

DOD is the toughest person on Earth to shop for ... he never desires any gift in particular and when asked "WHAT can we possibly get you for your birthday?" His reply is always the same, "I don't need anything".  Well ... in a family where everyone else always has a little heart's desire that could make the perfect gift ... DOD is the one hold out that never, ever wants a thing.  And for southerners who love giving gifts ... that's a tough pill to swallow.

This time, when asked the million dollar question "WHAT would you like for your birthday?" he finally offered up that he wouldn't mind some supplies for his current basement renovation.  Zsa Zsa and DOD were hard at work painting, recarpeting, tiling and such their basement rooms and these projects were certainly consuming everything at the moment.  While it wasn't the most exciting request, hey ... we will take it!  And so with that, I set out to come up with a creative way to give him the requested Home Depot gift card or cash he wanted for the project. 

Long story aside ... that is what led me to my little colorful creative.  I marched myself (so preggo I could bust I must add) to Home Depot to secure supplies for my gift wrapping and whipped up a real life version of the Sherwin Williams whimsy and some project cash especially for DOD.  This way he could select his own paint suplies just as his heart desires (well, and Zsa Zsa too).   

To craft your very own ... it's so simple! 

The Dish (what you need):
  • Paint swatches (free at home supply store)
  • Paint stir sticks (free at home supply store)
  • Scissors
  • A paint bucket / can (available at home supply store)
  • Tissue Paper
  • Craft foam
  • Hole punch

  Craft in a Flash (what you do):
1. Create a template for your petals. Each flower will need 5-6 petals, cut out the petals on the paint color swatches.

 2.  Attach the petals to the paint stir stick with hot glue.

3.  Cover the center point with a few oversized hold punches from your scraps.

4.  Put the floral foam in the paint bucket and insert the flowers.  Cover foam with tissue paper.
For my gift, I added dollar bill "grass" around the base of the flowers. 
Needless to say, DOD thought the gift was very creative, appreciated and perhaps a little more colorful than the "Bleaker Beige" they selected for the walls :).
~charmed, b