August 10, 2011

Little Man

Wow, ya'll ... I sure have been MIA this week.  It's just gotten past me and when I finally looked up, I realized that it's already the middle of the week!  I guess this is how this wild ride of motherhood goes and some weeks just fly by.  Speaking of ... Baby B just celebrated his very first month birthday this week and we just continue to be amazed by how fantastic life is with him here.

It's hard to believe our little man is one month.  And, just like this week has flown by ... this month has passed like the blink of an eye!  And as expected, this first time mom had to make this moment a cause for celebration.

In addition to cake and a lovely dinner prepared by Zsa Zsa and La La, I threw in my own little touches to celebrate the little man.  What's more "little man" than a big handlebar mustache?  And so ... we had a little fun "little man" style!

These cupcakes have a sweet chocolate mustache pop on top.  To make, you just simply use molding chocolate (available at craft stores) and find a cute mold that works for your theme.  This mold was purchased on Amazon.  The pops are made in just a jiffy and made plain cupcakes that much more sweet!

This cute sign was made compliments of one of my etsy faves, GoJumpInTheLake.  I've had them make a few signs for me and they are all just too cute.  This one will go in Baby B's playroom as a funny reminder that he will always be our little man!

And the most fun part ... picture props!  The "how to" for this is so darn simple, you must try (more on that later this week - promise).  I know these will be recreated for other party photo ops in the future!  At first, everyone's reaction was simply confused wondering what on Earth I had in mind with these things ... but then when we started taking a few pics, the laughs just wouldn't stop!

And so, with laughter and love ... we wish our little Baby B a Happy One Month Birthday!

~charmed, b

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