August 04, 2011

Deals of the Week

 It's very possible I'm suffering from retail withdrawl, but I found some great deals this past weekend and I'm just pleased as punch at how cute these finds are that I must share!  Where oh where did these amazing deals come from?  Of all the random places, Lowes!  While on a seek and discover mission with Dear Hubs for yard supplies and flooring (more on that chaos later), I found the most darling lamp shade and lanterns for a steal of a price!

This lamp shade replaced a cream silk one in my family room.  The lovely cream silk just didn't fit the lamp that perfectly and it had a small snag in it.  You know the kind ... not big enough to warrant replacing right away, but for the right deal - it's worthy of a replacement.

My most prized find are these lanterns.  I've been on the hunt for something like these for a few weeks now and finding them has been permanently placed on my "to buy" list.  These are 24 inches tall and will be just perfect on my front porch flanking the dogs and planters!  I know they will be just perfect on the front porch come this fall.  And the best part ... the price.  These were on sale for $15 each!  WOW!

I may just have to start shopping here more often - look out Dear Hubs!

~charmed, b