August 22, 2011

Perfect Photo Props

I bet ya'll thought I forgot ... as promised, I thought I'd share the ever so simple steps to create your own perfectly funny photo props.  We used these at our Little Man gathering for Baby B and they were just a hoot!  I must confess, these simple props made picture taking so much more fun and definitely broke up the oh so ordinary sorority squat pictures that we usually all take.

The Dish (what you need):
thin sheets of foam with adhesive back in brown or black (available at craft store)
craft sticks
scissors or exacto knife

Craft in a Flash (what you do):
1.  Enlarge and print the moustache template.  You can either use the picture below, google "handlebar moustache" to find your own or follow this link.

2.  Cut out template and trace onto foam.  Cut out foam 'staches.

3.  Take two foam 'staches and face sticky sides together. 
4.  Insert a craft stick between them and remove the backing from foam.
5.  Secure with additional glue if desired.


Get creative - wouldn't an old timey pipe be funny?  What about different moustaches .... oh, the endless possibilities!

Say Cheese!

~charmed, b

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