October 06, 2011

Boo-tastic decor

Dear Hubs ratted out our new Nanny D this week.  Apparently after I had hopped off to work Monday morning, she inquired if I go THIS way out for all holidays or if Halloween was just a special one.  Oh dear Nanny D ... you haven't seen anything just yet.  I'm sure the shock of Christmas is something I should brace her for well in advance. 

As is always the case with the first October weekend, I pulled out my big storage bin of supplies and as Baby B peacefully napped on Saturday morning; I set out like a little Halloween elf covering everything in sight in orange and black glitter and sparkles!

My selections for this fab decor are always more on the whimsical side and I haven't yet crossed over into the scary stuff.  For now, we will stick to large polka dots, glitter, shimmer and fun pumpkin pieces that I love; and Baby B is already quite fond of too! 

The kitchen island is now home to a few fun pumpkins in addition to our standard glass pieces.  The oversized vase received a scary touch from some glittery spiders dotted around.  And this year, we welcomed a new bat pumpkin compliments of a kit from Home Depot.  A monogram and polka dot pumpkin and some cute ribbon round out the vignette. 

The kitchen table was gussied up a bit thanks to some new fun twinkle from the chandelier.  Giant spiders hang from a ribbon and tulle covered form giving us something fun to look at as we dine!  Baby B is already fond of the spiders and could stare at them for hours!  It must look like a giant mobile to him!

The front foyer table is now home to our most fun vignette.  This cute, spooktacular sight serves as home for some odds and ends I've picked up through the years at Home Goods, Michaels and other regular spots as well a few creative printables that add a fun touch. 

We added a few other touches to the hallway with some cute paper lanterns hanging over the archway into the family room and little mice scampering their way in from the front door. 

Now, this weekend's goal is to finish up the basement decorating and do a little wreath swap on the front doors.  Stay tuned!  Halloween will be here before we know it!

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