October 13, 2011

Burlap Bonanza

Is it obvious by way of recent posts that I just love burlap?  Over the past year or two, I've updated much of my household decor with natural looking materials and elements.  Gone are the plaid, buffalo check silk drapes in my kitchen ... and in their place are lovely natural colored linen panels.  Say goodbye to old lampshades and in their place we welcome burlap or woven seagrass ones.  It's the little touches that seem to keep me busy these days and I think make a fashionable update to my rooms without a hefty pricetag. 

One such update was a prized find (aka steal) from Scott's Antique Market.  Months back, I secured a large treasure of burlap remains from one of the vendors.  He specializes in stamped burlap lampshades, chairs and all sorts of lovelies that are just beautiful.  Well, my good fortune was that he had a huge heaping pile of "mis-stamps" that he was ridding from his inventory for a few dollars a piece.  I scored quite a few darlings with a $5 price tag and couldn't be happier. 

When I arrived home with my new prized steal, Dear Hubs didn't exactly see it the same way.  His response to my proud "Look what I bought sooooooooo cheap" was "That's great ... what are you going to do with it?  You know it's not a deal unless you need it."  Well, while his sensibility put a damper on my spirit for a moment, I set out to determine my "need" for this. 

So, one of the beauties now proudly hangs in a gorgeous bronzed wood frame in my kitchen.  Complete with a cute pic of Baby B and my rooster lamp from Neimans ... the antique table is now completely set, don't you think?

~charmed, b