October 14, 2011

The Mom Challenge

Well this back to work "thang" sure has hit full speed now!  This week, I spent my first TWO consecutive nights away from home on the road in the fantastic cities of Tulsa and Dallas.  Thanks to having a wonderful partner and daddy in Dear Hubs, the transition away from home and back on the road has actually gone pretty seamless.  While I try to minimize the time away as much as possible, there are those crazy weeks when travel just can't be avoided.  And yes .... no matter how focused and career driven you are, guilt of being away doesn't escape you. 

And that's what brings me to today's topic ....

I recently came across this gem of an idea over at imom and fell in love with the idea.  Whether you work or not, travel or not, or any reason in between ... we could all use a helpful and gentle reminder of small ways to be the best mommies we can be. 

The concept is that for 30 consecutive days, follow the little tip outlined on the chart.  If you start on October 15th, for example, you start on #15 and just work your way around the chart from there.  I just love the reminder to focus on patience (when there just isn't enough) and to replace sarcasm with kindness (just because I think my wit is funny doesn't mean Baby B does).

Scoot over to their site to download a copy of the list and start your 30 day challenge lickity split!