October 24, 2011

Sweet Medallions

I have a new quick fix bow go to this fall season...try saying that five times fast!  Here's another oh so simple and quick trick to gussy up your bows and fancy up a display lickity split.... cupcake liners.  Who knew my affinity for those bite size sweet treats would pay off in a new crafty way!  I just can't help myself at craft stores, somehow adorable little paper liners always make their way into my buggy; and now I have a new way to put them to good use. 

My apologies for not capturing step by step, but it's just so darn quick there just wasn't time!

Here's How I Did It:
Supply Round Up:
  • Double side tape
  • Various size cupcake liners (2-4 per bow medallion)
  • Paper dot, punch, sticker or other quarter sized decoration (for center of the medallion)
Craft in a Flash:
1.  Take the largest cupcake liner and flatten as much as possible while maintaining the circle shape.
2.  Do the same for the smaller liners.
3.  Dabble by stacking them in various ways - try some inverted, completely flat or even keep the shape.  For the medallions pictured below, I inverted all of my liners.
4.  Stack the liners and tape each layer in place using double side tape.
5.  Use a dot, punch, sticker or some other decoration to put in the very center of the medallion.  For mine, I used two full size liners and one small bite size cupcake liner.  The center is about a quarter sized and I printed off a little "Trick or Treat" decoration for the center.
6.  Tie the bow as you normally would, and then use more double side tape to attach the medallion to your bow and / or vase.


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