October 20, 2011

Quiet as a Mouse

There's still a few more days before Boo Bash 2011, otherwise known as Halloween.  As widely made popular by Miss Martha Stewart herself a few years back, the black silhouettes of little spooks make a great addition to your festive decor.  This year, I tried to keep thing under control and not go overboard with the idea, even though I came ever so close to adding some last minute bats to mirrors and a collection of antique white plates that are featured in my living room.  As such, these little mice sweetly scamper up and down my front foyer and hallway.  I must confess .... I've startled myself a few times now thinking there was something there only to realize it was my very own handy work.  I guess they do the trick.

To use these templates, just copy the pic to a document or presentation (Word works just fine) and expand their size to fit on your molding or wall.  Print on thicker paper or card stock and simply cut out with an exacto knife or sharp scissors.  Voila!