October 21, 2011

Fall Craft Day Flash Back

From time to time, I recruit some of my fab friends to participate in what I lovingly refer to as "craft day".  Depending on our mood, we pick a theme and everyone bring supplies, yummy appetizers and some vino to help inspire creativity in one another and craft together.  I supply a bunch of Ok, it's fair to say that most everyone uses this as an excuse to bring supplies and tell me to make something.  Of course I comply because I just love doing this stuff!

We did one of our craft days a while back focused on fall wreathes.  Here's a few of the little gems that we creatively designed over a few glasses of wine.  I love that even after a few seasons, I can drive around my neighborhood and find these beauties still on display this time of year!

So take a gander and get inspired!

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