October 19, 2011

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

It just wouldn't be right if this October breezed by without us loading up the car and heading to the pumpkin patch.  After all, it's Baby B's first trip and so of course we had to make it memorable!

In years past, our annual trek involves a drive up to Dawsonville to visit the renowned Burt's Farm where one year we dropped a cool $150 on a SINGLE giant pumpkin (story for another day, and Dear Hubs was to thank for that idea ....).  But since the trip to Burt's typically means elbowing at least ten other aggressive mamas out of the way to get to the perfect picture spots, we decided to venture to a slightly lesser known gem at Berry Patch Farms.  I must confess, nothing compares to Burt's but our visit to Berry Patch was fun nonetheless.

After figuring out how we would get a jogging stroller onto the tractor hayride out to the patch, we had a quick ride to the action.

Followed by a few minutes of coaching the talent on what's in store.  Oh, the things we do to get a good pic of dear Baby B! :)

And finally, a few great shots magically happen!

And of course a cute fam shot to round out the fun!  We had a great time and enjoyed the great weather and pumpkins everywhere we looked!