December 22, 2011

Baby B's Tree

Being a bit of a Christmas decor enthusiast, it was only natural that we would highlight a new themed tree as part of this year's festive display.  That special tree would be one for our sweet, little Baby B.  It was decided (before he was even born) that we would give him an ornament every year so that he had a darling collection of his very own Christmas ornaments as he became an adult.  Each ornament would be special and tell a story of sorts as he grows.  Adding to this idea, the grandmothers joined in and decided to also give Baby B an ornament.  Each set of grand parents would provide an ornament that has special meaning to them and represents something of mine or Dear Hub's childhood.  It was very sweet that they wanted to participate and I know Baby B will have a HUGE collection in no time at this rate. 

We started our tree decorating with ribbon (of course) and topping the tree with a little Baby B sized star. 

Even without the ornaments, he was just captivated by the colored lights.  Yes, this tree has colored lights and it goes against my "exclusively white light" decor.  But, I'm filing this one away with the "things you do for kids" excuse and will permit the boy to have a fun, colorful tree!

As we opened the ornaments from the grandparents, we explained what they were and let Baby B hold his new treasures.  Dear Hub's parents sent down a cute little german shepherd dog ornament, because Dear Hub's fave pet growing up was his sweet shepherd named Hildy.

Zsa Zsa and my Dear Ole' Dad wrapped up a darling snow globe to explain to Baby B how much I loved the snow as a child.  And, they sent a second "bonus" ornament that was a football to represent the football ties that brought me and Dear Hubs together.  Well, while the football ornament sure was cute, it didn't last long.  With one 2 second grab, it was broken and on the floor!  Woopsie... we just learned a valuable lesson - no glass ornaments any time soon!

I'm already plotting what ornament we will add to the collection next year!