December 12, 2011

Gift Wrapables

Last week, LaLa gave me a sneak peak at some of her creative wrappings for this Christmas season.  I thought they were just darling and had to share! 

While I don't have the step by step instructions on "how to", LaLa swears these are easy as pie to make.  First, you start with a square of burlap (available at any fabric store).  She knows I'm just smitten with burlap so I think there are one or two under her tree for me, I can't wait!  Then, on some of the fabric squares, she painted a pattern with standard fabric paint.  Crafty LaLa said she used a cookie cutter to trace the shapes you see in these pics - how smart is that?  To assemble the bag, she said she just simply wrapped a box just like you would with paper.  She used hot glue to secure the seam on the back.  To form the bottom, she also secured with glue.  After removing the box she used as a form and replacing with her giftables, she tied it off with a festive bow on the top. 

Just darling!