December 22, 2011

Cards, Cards, Cards

Every year, I squeal with delight as I open the mailbox from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  It's a fun time of the year and instead of the normal stack of junk mail, circulars and (cough cough) bills; we get the pleasure of opening a series of festive envelopes from friends and family.  Inside, the most creative cards, the most beautiful family portraits and the most adorable stories and letters recapping the year. 

Every year, I struggle with what to do with these adorable and sweet cards.  This year, I had a self proclaimed brilliant idea and ran a pretty ribbon down the fronts of my kitchen desk cabinetry.  On one ribbon, I hung our family card of years past.  On the other, I joyfully hung the pictures and cards of each and every one of our friends.  Simple, plain clothes pins did the trick and I just love the outcome.  I can't walk out of my house without passing this sweet display and just putting myself in a festive mood. 

So thank you dear friends ... we just love each and every one of your cards and appreciate you sharing the joy of your family with us!