December 22, 2011

Precious Piggy

While the holiday wind down is in progress, I'm only just now catching up on all the glorious activities we have done over the past few weeks.  Between parties, traditions, baby dedications, festive eatings, decoratings (shall I go on...) I'm just plain zonked this week.  It's been an absolutely perfect holiday season thus far and I've loved every minute of it.  After we shed our Christmas decor best yesterday, thanks to the help of my MIL and FIL before they left town, I sat for a moment only to find my head wandering about what fun we should plan and do next!  Oh lawzie ... give it a break already!

A few weeks back when our sweet friends the M family were in town, we made our way to the Pink Pig at Lenox.  For those in Atlanta, or around the south for that matter, you know this is an absolute must do.  There was just NO way that I was going to permit Baby B's first Christmas season to be complete without a trip to see this precious pig!

I have such vivid memories as a child of my sweet family making our way down to the Christmas parade in downtown Atlanta, dining on cheeseburgers at the famous Sundial restaurant (Zsa Zsa much would have preferred classier food options I'm sure ... but we were kids) and capping off the day with a ride of the Pink Pig when she was in her original location at the downtown Rich's building.  I'm happy to report that the train like car that is now commissioned is much more accessible for us adult type riders.  And while I'd have paid a large sum of money to see Dear Hubs and his bud R fold up their oversized 6 foot 5 inch frames into that little cart, I know we were all thrilled to see something more rider friendly!