December 02, 2011

No Sew Tree Skirt Transformation

Ya'll ... I'm just giddy after the success of this little diddy!  Ok, that rhymed; but seriously this project exceeded my expectations.  Years ago, I grabbed up this tree skirt at an after Christmas sale.  I never loved it and frankly thought the sequin train was horribly tacky.  I'm sure in the right context, with the right tree ... it would be just fine.  It has just never really matched my style but, I was in a pinch and it was a "good deal" marked down from $100 so I convinced myself it was fine.  Well, as the years passed ... I found myself actually flipping it over and using the solid underside as the topside just so I could have a solid skirt.

Well, that was until this year when inspiration hit!  After deciding it was imperative that my gift wrap and tree skirt coordinate with the overall look and theme of my decor, I just knew something had to be done with the existing skirt.  Last night, I gathered up some odds and ends supplies and crafted this without spending a dime!  Now, I'm the proud owner of a linen and muslin skirt that just couldn't be more perfect for the family room "Partridge in a Pear Tree" natural themed tree.    Wahoo!  Total success!

When Baby B decided to nod off for a little snooze before his scheduled bedtime, I took the opportunity to get a jump start on this project.  Conveniently enough, this actually started out with a plan to be a quick sew project, but time was of the essence and I somehow managed to hide all of my sewing machine supplies (needles, thread, etc) from myself.  When it wasn't quickly found, I resorted to plan B ... my trusty glue gun!  This was actually a great change of plan, because I was able to fashion my "new" skirt on the underside of the old one and kept the sequined disaster in tact on the opposite side.  Who knows ... maybe one day I will need it!

Here's how I did it:
Supply Round Up:
  • Glue Gun and LOTS of glue sticks
  • Ruler / Yard stick
  • Scissors
  • Fabric - I actually used scrap linen and muslin left over from other projects
  • Old tree skirt

*note: the amount of fabric you need will really just depend on how big you do you ruffles and layers.  You can easily eyeball it, the first (outside) layer takes a lot more than you think it will - but the smaller inside layers take a lot less!

Craft in a Flash:
1.  Start by cutting your fabric into strips.  I used my rick rack sheers to give a cute finish to the edge without having to sew one bit.  My strips were from decorator width fabric (50" + wide).  Each strip was cut 8 inches deep.  Overall, I used about 1 yard (give or take) of each fabric.

2.  Next, I measured in and marked the pleats for the fabric.  The easiest way to do this is to lightly mark the fabric with tick marks.  I measured 5 inches, then a 2 inch measurement for the pleating.  I continued a 5-2-5-2 pattern across each of the fabric pieces. 

3.  On the tree skirt, I measured 6 inches in off the outside edge and marked with a marker.  Remember, I used the under side of the form and all of the markings will be covered with the new skirt.  By measuring 6 inches up, I gave myself enough of an overhang for about 2 inches to lay outside the form (and cover it completely).

4.  Begin applying the glue to the tree skirt form.  Lay the fabric strip into the glue line.  After you complete 5 inches of glueing to the form, pinch the 2 inch pleat on itself and secure with glue. 
5.  Continue all the way around the form.
6.  For the additional layers, simply measure up from your previous layer.  I maintained the 2 inch overhang to ensure my layers laid well on top of one another without any of the form sneaking through.  Continue the glue and pleat format described in previous steps.

I'm just in love with the end result!  Now, to top that skirt with some adorably wrapped gifts!  I've got a few ideas for gift tags and such that I just can't wait to share when I'm done!

~charmed, b