December 22, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

Baby B had the esteemed honor of meeting the jolly old man himself not once but TWICE this year!  It's shocking that the man in the red suit can make his way to two separate events JUST to see Baby B, but none the less we are ever appreciative and sure hope Baby B was on the "nice" list this year!

For our first visit, I was warned by my experienced mommy friends that I must get on the wait list, then get in the lottery, then get a reservation all to see the jolly old man at Phipps Plaza.  While that visit didn't dissappoint, we had an equally fab time at our breakfast with Santa at the golf club. 

Mrs. Clause sat and laughed with our little elf for a good long while.  Baby B was the most perfect companion for giggle time!  

After a short little wait, it was our turn to tell the big man what we wanted for Christmas.  Baby B just giggled and cooed for a good long while.  He was just smitten with Santa.  When it was time to have our brunch, Santa offered that Baby B was just so darling that he could come back anytime! 

We enjoyed a lovely brunch and Baby B kept trying to persuade us all to give him "just a bite" of the big boy food.  Sorry, not this year sweet boy!  After some fun, he was just tapped out and took a little snooze right there on Zsa Zsa's shoulder.  Awww, so sweet... and to all a good night!