September 24, 2012

It's Pumpkin Time

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Back from a restful week at the beach ... heavy sigh, I guess all good things do have to come to an end!

Now that we are back, it definitely feels like a delayed close to summer and fall is in the air.  As part of that, fall tennis is in high gear.  As those ALTA Betty's in Atlanta tennis know, home matches mean food duty.  As the host team, it's your responsibility to provide some delish treats, cold water and bevvies for the two teams that are playing.  To kick off our season, I was assigned "chip and dip".  I did my tennis duty and brought a yummy Greek veggie dip and pita chips.  But ... I just had more hospitality that needed direction. 

So, I tried my hand at making tennis ball chocolate Oreo cookies.  You know, those cute choco melts in a form (available at Michael's) that cover an already tasy Oreo with even tastier choco bark.  I know you have seen them all over our dear fave pinterest.  Well, trouble is that I was using Wilton melts that were mint flavored and they already had a beige tint.  When I added the yellow food color gel ...well, they turned a lovely peach.  So, I added more and just went with it!  Orange was the color it was.     

So ... now that my yellow tennis balls turned orange, it was time for plan B. Festive, all be it a bit premature, it felt like pumpkins were in order. And Plan B took form. I barked orders (literally I'm pretty sure) to ask Dear Hubs to head back to the nearest grocery to pick up some green pre-made frosting in a tube (no time to spare) and a bag of pretzels. Voila! Pumpkins. They couldn't have been cuter!

To make these, I melted a bag of Wilton candy melts (mint) in the microwave.  Just a minute will do it.  I added food coloring to find the "perfect orange" (forget that this was originally supposed to be yellow!).  I piped a blog of green frosting at the top and then drew the green frosting down a bit to look like a leaf.  I affixed a pretzel stick piece onto the green blob.  So easy and just so darn cute!

So, morale of the story ... sometimes Plan B works out!  These pumpkins might be making a repeat visit this fall!  Pumpkin time - let's go!