April 26, 2011

Simple Silhouette

There's something traditional and classy about a simple silhoutte.  I remember back to 4 year preschool when my teacher, Miss Pat, took each one of her prized pupils and had us stand as still as a 4 year old could and traced our outline with a complex setup of lights and overhead projector.  She took those drawings and transferred them to black cardstock and made a surprisingly beautiful silhoutte for the parents of each student.  Wow, what a teacher and what patience! 

I've always loved silhouttes; on notecards, pillows, framed - you name it.  And, as my ever expanding baby belly keeps growing; I decided it was time to try my hand at making one to capture the moment.  While pictures certainly do the trick to show a progression of your pregnancy, another more decorative (and frameable) option is a simple silhoutte.  This is a great option for silhouetting anything - you don't have to have a baby bump to try it! 

The Dish (what you need):
  • Exacto knife
  • 2 colors of cardstock in opposite colors (a dark and a light color)
  • picture
  • cutting board

Craft in a Snap (what you do):
1.  Take a profile picture of yourself.  It doesn't have to be an adorable outfit (that won't be seen), but just a nice profile - the lines of your outline are most important.
2.  Print the picture to the appropriate size.  You can print this on a basic printer - no need for fancy photo paper, you are just making a template.
3.  Using an exacto knife on a cutting board, cut out the outline of your profile.
4.  Trace the outline onto the color of cardstock you will use for the silhoutte.
5.  Cut out the solid color outline using same process as above with the exacto knife and cutting board.
6.  Affix the cut out to the other sheet of cardstock.  If you have pencil lines visible, be sure to flip the cardstock before affixing.
7.  Frame.

The original picture

In progress - steps 3 and 4

The finished product

I'm so excited for this little craft!  It's so easy and I now feel competent enough at the art of hand silhouetting that I think I might have another project in mind!

~charmed b