July 07, 2012


Well, Lordy be… today is a magical day and a day that will forever bring a smile to my face.  One year ago this very morning. The sweet lil’ Baby B FINALLY made his way into the world.  It was a tough process to say the least and he was two weeks done and 40ish hours in labor PLUS an emergency C-Section but it is all so worth it every time he giggles, smiles or shows us one of his adorable tricks.  Today, the culmination of my hard work to make his first birthday ever so special will come to be and I’ll be sure to blog it your way soon!  Cheers to the 7-7… the best day ever and a very most perfect happy birthday to my sweet Baby B!  I love you more than I ever thought possible and more than the stars, moon and sun combined. 

Here’s to being kind, doing your best, serving God and loving others…the rest just works out.  These are the most important lessons I can ever teach you. 

Love you with everything possible.