July 13, 2012

Show Home Slow Motion: Living Area

Every chance I get, my big camera and I show up at a charity show home.  Typically with bestie M in tow, but unfortunately not this time due to a fracture in her foot (still not real clear on what happened to cause a diva to go down!).  So, I recruited bestie P and new friend A to fill in for decorating genius M.  With Baby B in tow (thanks to failed babysitter plans), we made a great afternoon of touring the Roswell Women's Show Home.  Such a wonderful event full of inspiration and supporting a good cause of local charity.  Take a slow motion look at the tour with me now and prepare to be inspired!

This year's show home is a lovely, warm and family friendly space in Alpharetta, GA.  Each year, the club selects a home and recruits local, talented designers to participate by sponsoring the design, theme and decor for a room.  The result is always just perfection!

Here's a few worthy snaps from the main living area; which includes a spacious kitchen, keeping room and family room.  It's warm, clean and every so comfortable with the natural touches and spacious design.  Love.

Next stop ... the many bedrooms and kids areas!  Too many snaps for one post!  xoxo