July 16, 2012

Sitting Pretty

I've professed my love for all things oyster before and twine, well... that's kin to burlaps which I've talked plenty about.  Using the technique I described here.  I took an old lantern down from an old storage shelf and gave her a prized new spot in the main floor guest bedroom suite. 

This is a simple black lantern that was gifted to me who knows how long ago.  Trouble is, it was a tad too modern for my taste and would be stored high up on a laundry room shelf unless the perfect party called for her presence.

Now. with a little lipstick (aka oysters and twine), she's sitting pretty every day!  I wrapped the bottom portion of the glass in twine.  Then, added just a handful of oyster shells that were on hand from previous crafts and apothocary jar fillings (I may have stolen one or two from an existing display!) with permanent glue.  Since the shells are so uniquely shaped, I added some floral moss between them. 

Oh, and that chair in the pic was one of my fab finds from the Ballard outlet. Months back, it was marked with a crazy low price and with all the discounts they offered - it was mine for under $20!  I was just giddy to find it.  Dear Hubs thought I was crazy when bestie A and I did a quick "run through the shop" while he and R sat in the car with a cast of littles.  We surfaced promptly with this chair and a few other finds.  Let's just say it was a cozy ride home with this extra loot in tow.

This previously empty corner of the bedroom is now sitting pretty!