July 12, 2012

The First Fete

Weeks of brainstorming, hours on pinterest and countless "wouldn't that be grand" sort of moments came together this past Saturday as we celebrated the dear sweet Baby B's first birthday.  Hard to believe that tot is a year old. 

His big day started with a celebratory donut for the special occassion.  Fear not, I didn't let him eat the entire thing, there was plenty more sugar where this came from!

We spent the afternoon playing on the new slide fort, a birthday gift from the grands and prepping the lawn for the extraordinary party to come!

Shortly before party time, we had a little thunder shower scare, so we set up for the party not once but twice!  Lordy me, we had good practice after the first setup / dry run and the second time was a snap. 
I'll share all the many cute details and the how to's over the coming days, for now ... enjoy these fun pics. 
For a party of about 60 guests celebrating Baby B's big first birthday, I planned a vintage lawn party with a Southern twist.  We wanted it fun for littles and bigs of all ages.  Dinner was catered by the Varsity food truck.  A band was on hand to sing silly songs and hits we all know.  Treats and cold beverages kept everyone full.  And games were played along the lawn to keep everyone busy. 

The invite set the tone for the event

Posing with our friend from the Varsity

Sweet Bestie M and Family

Buddy T and her boys enjoying Varsity treats
The truck arrives and we are ready for fun!

The line forming

Musical entertainment on the lawn

Cupcakes for guests and smash cake for B

It was a hit!

The sweets table

Dear Hubs and the Grand Dads

Bestie A and her fab fam from Charleston

Zsa Zsa

Enjoying the fun

Lollipop Time!

Wagon Pushing - who is doing the work here?

Happy Birthday, Baby B!

I promise more close ups but I'm beginning to feel like a proud grandma tossing books and books of pictures out here.  More to come!  Happy Birthday, my precious baby B!  xoxo