July 30, 2012

Clean Eating

What if I told you I have uncovered the Holy Grail of healthy, fast dinners?  That's right ... now you are interested!  It feels like forever since I posted a recipe or two.  Fear not, we have done our share of eating and entertaining around these parts! 

Over the course of a week, I took on a challenge to prepare a home cooked meal every week.  While I love to cook and do serve my family homecooked goodness most weeks; we all have our days where we give in and cut corners!  I was inspired after reading "Eat This Not That for Kids" that we needed to clean up our hungry ways.  So, I consulted my fave Clean Eating magazine (which has an amazing recipe listing online too!) and grabbed down a few select recipes to keep me busy. 

Fortunate for me, Clean Eating has a section of recipes titled "20 minutes or less".  And, while we all know that basically nothing can be completed in 20 minutes when you arrive home after a full day of work, are standing in the kitchen in half of a business suit (after loosing the jacket, 5 inch heels and various jewelry components), and having a small little person tug on your leg ... I must confess they were pretty darn close to the 20 min promise. 

I'd strongly recommend 3 of these recipes.  Rest assured some are being served again around these parts this week!

The Fresh Pizza with Mozz, Spinach and Veggies
Country Fried Steak that's Healthy ... I'm in!

Herb Crusted Chicken with a tangy sauce that is to die for!
While I must confess, I do make the recipes my own and don't follow exactly ... the week's dining consisted of Country Fried Steak with mushroom gravy that was definitely a reasonable alternative for the "fat" version.  The Skillet Saute Chicken with a zippy, tangy sauce was impressive.  While I didn't follow the recommended seasoning to a "T", it was close enough and the sauce turned out fantastic.  With no dijon mustard on hand, I used regular yellow mustard and added some of my fave Savannah Bee Company Honey.  Lastly, the delish Flat Bread Pizzas were just what the doctor ordered.  Iadded some veggies, but rest assured these are already on the menu for the coming week simply because they are so easy and so healthy!  Not only are ease and health a criteria ... all of these are just delightlfully tasty.  I'm completely sold.  Each recipe was created with swift timing and was between 200-400 calories.  Scoot over and check them out!  Impressive, I do declare!