July 06, 2012

The Missing Link

This necklace was a gift from Zsa Zsa.  I love it.  It's beads are wooden and hand carved.  She paid a prime price at an auction for this gem and I'm pleased to call it my own.  Except ... well, if I'm honest it's just a tad too tight around the neck for my liking.  And thus I invented my own little tippy tricky thing that is so organization Real Simple, pinterest worthy awesome idea!  I thought my eyes might pop out the other day at work and thus I took matters into my own hands and took my hair elastic and did a quick slip knot and thus my trick was born!  Voila!  A hair tie extender for my prized necklace! 

Try this tip whenever you must.  It work!

Sure, it's shameless and a little tacky ...  but desperate times and good necklace mean desperate measures!

xoxo ~ charmed, b