April 06, 2011

Almost Picasso

Last night, I spent a funfilled, creative evening with my dear friend H.  I should probably start by sharing a teeny, tiny confession of sorts that's somewhat a taboo given my constant crafty aspirations.  For the life of me, I cannot draw or cut a straight line.  Yes folks, consider it the curse of being a lefty, but I just can't seem to master the concept of perma-straight.  I overanalyze, overmeasure, overstraightedge just to get some form of a point A to point B line that hasn't got but a few minor bumps along the way. 

My palette before we started...

Same palette ....as the chaos ensues

Confession aside, I joined friend H for an interactive paint class at a local studio.  I must say, it was a rocky start and I had my doubts at the beginning.  H would tattle on me and point out the fact my only glimmer of self confidence was the fact that the 8 year old next to me was off to an even worse start (hey ... small victories - take what you can get!).  The instructor gave some simple guideance on how to perfect the masterpiece that free spirits of all ages in the room seemed to master.  And I, of course, attempted to overanalyze in search of perfection.

Does my concern make sense now?

A coat of paint or two in, and my cute little painting started taking shape.  By the end, I have to say I exceeded my expectations and think that my sweet swirly owl painting will be an adorable addition to baby B's playroom (fear not... future post when it's all decorated). 

Me and my masterpiece fit for the playroom!

Ta-da!  H and her lovely!

So, my charmed advice to anyone who has a tad of curiousity about their inner VanGogh... go for it!  What's the worst that happens, you have a little fun and may even part with a bit more confidence of your creative abilities than when you arrived!

~charmed b