September 16, 2012

Beach Baby

Saturday, we loaded up the car with enough stuff to move to a foreign nation for a few months.  No lie.  I know traveling with the little tot means carrying "stuff" for every situation, but lordy be ... this is some STUFF.  Two diva dogs, one tot and enough fixins' to stay for a long time.  That just might be the case!

A short drive later, and a shockingly swimmingly good experience with the gypsy tag alongs ... and we were in South Carolina at Hilton Head Island.  As a child, we vacationed here for years with Zsa Zsa and Dear Ole Dad.  Instantly as we came across the bridge, the old memories of the gold fish pond at the Mariner's Resort, the onion ring loaf at Damon's, the ice cream cones after mini golf and all sorts of related things came rushing back. 

This is the start of my beach chapter with my sweet Baby B.  Strategically (I'm nothing if not strategic), we waited until after the summer rush AND waited until we knew that Baby B was old enough and big enough that he would enjoy the experience.  At 14 months ... I'm convinced we timed it right!  We have a house here for the week.  Beachfront, big enough for an army and with our own pool.  We love it.  Since we knew it would be fun and "a first", Dear Hubs and I invited both sets of grands to join us.  Lala even made it down for a day or two here at the beginning. 

We played, we collected shells, we played some more, we watched waves, we splashed in waves and did just about everything possible to get ourselves completely sandy!  It took just a few split seconds at the beginning to get Baby B comfy with his giant sandbox!  Moments later, he was laughing and enjoying every minute of it.  Of course, two sets of doting grands, a sweet Auntie Lala and Dear Hubs and I were just all grins watching this little tot giggle, splash and enjoy every minute of it!


After hours at the beach, the tot ate like he had never seen food before.  Someone clearly worked up an appetite.  We ended the day with a bike ride and a low country boil.  Yep, I'd put this one in the success column!  He's definitely a beach babe!  Here's to blue skies and big fun this week - cheers y'all!  xoxo