September 06, 2012

From Britain with Love

Perhaps it's because I'm a prepster at heart.  Or, perhaps it's my traditional side that loves to come out.  Who knows.  Truth be told, I am just smitten over the Union Jack flag these days.  I have elaborate plans (that of course haven't kicked off yet) to paint a table top with this design.  For now, I'm very satisfied with this little find from a lovely little boutique.  Maybe you have heard of it?  Target.  While I unrealistically wish I had more free time to go do shopping at some of the stores that are on my "to do" list ... rather, I find those moments of leisure shopping and finding the "perfect" item just don't happen these days. 

The moment I laid eyes on the ottoman on the website, I went on a hunt, and I do mean hunt, to locate one.  Not available online .. drats.  So, to the stores I went.  Scowering high and low, I lucked into one - and only one - not to far from home.  I think I dove at the end cap of the aisle when I saw one little stool remaining on the display.

After an elaborate hunt for a manager at customer service since there was no price tag on it (of course) AND a 10% discount for a smudge of chalk on the top of it (didn't hardly even notice), this cute thing made it's way out to my car for a big price tag of $14.  Repeat ... FOURTEEN DOLLARS. 

For now, she's found a semi-perm home in the hall.  I've got to shuffle a few knick knacks around here and the dining room before I'm totally satisfied, but for now ... she just makes me thrilled when I step foot in the front foyer!