September 05, 2012

Fall Y'all

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I suppose the time has come ... it's fall y'all!  As if the farewell of Labor Day didn't tip us off... the signs are all around us; the school bus picks up those littles off of the front corner by our house each morning, football was on the big screen this weekend and in chatting with any of the gals you can just tell that their crazy schedules are in full swing! 

I just love the fall and know we have fun in store over the coming few months! 

Last weekend, I swapped out a few front porch doo dads and have layered in our first pass of fall. My signature Yellow Jacket wreathes were promptly displayed in time for the first kick off. I did an elaborate burlap pillow shuffle and added these two cream linen pillows to the pile. 

Pardon the multiple pics, but it's tough to get the entire scape included in a single shot.  The pillows are basic 18 inch square and purchased at Ikea.  I swear, I don't make it there often but when I do, I come crawling home with a truck load!  First, I used a pencil and sketched what I wanted the words to look like.  Yes, y'all ... freehand.  I wanted a swoopy "f" and "y" and so I found this the easiest option.  It really was a snap.  Then, I took pumpkin orange acrylic paint and a flat (small) paint brush and just painted over my pencil markings.  You may have to brush over certain areas a few times for full coverage.  But, in less than 10 minutes my pillows were ready for drying.  After a day or two sitting outside on the porch, they made their debute!

Happy Fall Y'all!