September 18, 2012

Seafood Delights

We woke this morning to find the rainy day that every weather tracking device we own had claimed would happen.  Yep, it's a rainy beach day.  After a slow start to the morning, Zsa Zsa and I left the crew and headed to Savannah to hit some of my fave shops (more on that later). 

It was a miracle that we didn't stop for Paula's fried chicken on the way home, instead we opted to wait for dinner with everyone.  That was a great call.  Our selection ... Hudson's on the Docks on Hilton Head.  It was pretty much as good as everything we had heard AND THEN SOME!

We walked in starving and left more full than I have been in a long time.  Shortly after our arrival (and greeting from darling waiter, Chance), the libations were flowing and the rents were sucking down their share of raw oysters.  Fried green tomato appetizers were my contribution for the starving brood.  Good choices all around! 


We poured over our menus like we were deciding the fate of something as serious as National Security only to ensure we ordered the perfect meal.  It was a series of Neptune Platters (that's the mother load of all things seafood), crab cakes, flounder and a lovely chicken tender kiddo meal for the babe.

We ate mounds of hush puppies and a trove of seafood only to almost die when sweet waiter Chance asked if we saved room for dessert .... gasp, no.  I seriously don't know the last time I have been this full!  We couldn't get home fast enough for me to slide out of my Lily P palazo pants and into my "turkey pants" (aka yoga pants).

A good time, good food and good fun had by all!  Here's looking forward to tomorrow!