September 13, 2012

I Heart Sevenly

Today, I'm sporting a super cute fitted chocolate brown V-neck t-shirt with my flared jeans and a khaki little jacket.  Yes, of course, I'm still wearing heels with it ... let's not be crazy.  It's casual, but thanks to the new dress code at work (so that we look and feel more like a "cool" technology company), it's totally appropriate.  The tee has a large swirly script phrase on the front that says "Live Life". 

While stylish, it's even better than that.  This tee was purchased and just arrived this week from an amazing company called Sevenly.  Each week, Sevenly offers a different t-shirt design to support a cause for people in need around the globe.  For seven days (get it), the tees are available and the proceeds are donated back to the cause.  The purpose is to drive awareness for the charity, do social good and provide financial support for the worthy causes that might otherwise go unnoticed.   

My tee supported an organization in China focused on saving the lives of baby girls that are at risk of being killed or abandandoned due to the cruel laws that limit the number of children a family may have.  I couldn't be prouder to have the chance to support this cause.

Now, I follow Sevenly on social media and their website.  I'm sure this is just the start of a very thoughtful addiction to new tees AND helping others!  Proud of Sevenly and the great works they do for social good around the globe!