September 27, 2012

Birthday Breakfast in Bed

Our sweet friend little C, son of bestie P, recently celebrated his big 1-0 birthday.  It's amazing how time flies, it feels like just only yesterday little C was just a small 5 year old getting ready for kindergarten.  It's hard to believe we have already known him this long.  Little C is the kind of kid that is helpful, kind, full of spunk and good spirit and always willing to lend a helping hand.  He's a good egg, that little C. 
To help little C celebrate his big day, I put together Birthday Weekend Breakfast in Bed bags for little C and his brother C.  I figured bestie P would only get a little break (and possibly be able to sleep in) if BOTH boys had a breakfast prepared.  So ... we delivered two brown sacks complete with a full breakfast of goodies. 
Using Avery full sheet sticker paper, I printed out oversized festive stickers on my color printer.  The stickers give instructions to the littles to place the bag by their bed and enjoy the contents in the morning.  The best part ... the empty bag serves as a trash collector too.  Less mess for mom!
Inside the bag, the littles found a banana, some mini donuts packaged up and milk.  Hershey makes milk boxes that do not require refrigeration until after they are opened.  I added a chocolate straw (why didn't they have those when I was a kid?) that flavors the milk like cookies and cream.  How fun is that! 
The banana was all decked out with a riddle sticker.  "What did one birthday banana say to the other?"  Answer ... nothing.  Bananas don't talk.  Remember, I'm dealing with 10 year old humor here. 

According to bestie P, little C enjoyed his fabulous breakfast in bed.  So much, he stole the donuts from his brothers bag!  This idea is going in the "must remember to do again" file. 
Here's to breakfast in bed, happy birthdays and leisurely weekends!