September 19, 2012

Shopping Around Savannah

I fell in love with the coastal empire town of Savannah years ago.  I've made repeat trips m.a.n.y. times for everything from St. Patrick's celebrations to shopping excursions to get aways with besties.  I just love this town.  Thanks to some rainy showers that moved through town yesterday, Zsa Zsa and I headed out to catch my fave stops in Savannah and stock up on any and all goodies that were new and must haves! 

Thanks to the many trips and recs of faves from my sweet bestie M who is a tasteful decorator and shopping aficianato ... I've got a list a mile long that makes Dear Hubs sweat at the thought that I am on the hunt for some retail therapy in Savannah!

First stop ... Broughton Street.  We hit the mainstains and a few newer finds like 24e, DC2 and our mainstay Paris Market.  Lordy be, I just love Paris Market

From the minute you walk in, it's a wonder for the senses.  Beautiful chandy's hang throughout the store, gorge antiques, curiousities and collectibles as far as the eye can see and candles to no end!

I was especially smitten with the bebe department this time.  The cute display of oversized toadstools and a little village just drew me in.  I left with a vintage looking alphabet poster for the babe's bathroom.  And, I may have to go back for a set of the Kitchen Papers for kids that I spotted....

The minute we headed down the stairs to the basement showroom, Zsa Zsa announced (because she was down first) "don't come over here because I know you will buy these...".  She was correct.  These oversized tins, wrapped in burlap with the numerals 1-3 were a must have!  Score for me .. .set of 3 that will find a home in either my laundry, basement or any of a thousand spots at home!

This shell sculpture was a sure fire looker.  With a price tag of two thousand ... it might stay behind. 

The little sweets shop was as cute as pie (as always).  We did without this time, but goodness it's so stinkin' charming it draws you in!  There are so many curiousities here I could spend hours!

After a few purchases ... we headed to a few other stops.  Then, thanks to some rain and less than comfy shoes, we gave up our prime parking spot for a spot closer to our next locale.  We hit up a few little antique shops with no fab finds to report and then made our way to No. Four Eleven and One Fish Two Fish.  Yep, those are among the top finds in town. 
The sweetest gal, Courtland (love her name) was beyond helpful at No. Four Eleven.  The shop is darling and known all around for their beautiful monogram services.  Well, that's only part of the story.  Their linens are divine and their trinkets are adorable.  I was crushing everything in sight - from an orange chevron frame to a stack of monogrammed linens.  Of course I didn't leave empty handed ... no, no.  I scored a Linea's Lights candle that I've oogled over since buying my first in Cali months back.  A Sea Salt scent scored for me today.  Dear Courtland was darling enough to intro me to a few new scents she had hiding in the back as well, and was such a peach she gave me a deal on those, too!  That gal has a new friend from Atlanta now.  Check out this oyster mirror, I'm smitten!

And last, but not least ... we stopped just down the way at One Fish Two Fish.  Bestie M introed this one to my shopping rolodex years back and it's been a mainstay since.  Not to mention, it's received many mentions in every juicy southern mag I read!  I toured this store many, many times oogling the quatrafoil tables, great frames and the beautes in the jewlry case.  I may be back for that bee bangle!

On our way home, we stopped for Paula's signature coffee (a fave of Zsa Zsa and Dear Hubs) and a stash of Paula's magazines ... hey, that's quality southern reading! 
Last stop ... Belk back in HHI.  Zsa Zsa needed to pop in for a shirt for Dear Ole' Dad and I just couldn't resist the Lily P section.  Who knew that LILY was at Belk?  I scored a sweet pair of shorts, my first shorts purchase in over ten years.  They are just cuties and I can't wait to wear them.

So, rainy days beware ... you are perfectly primed for some retail therapy!