September 14, 2012

Back for S'more

Ah ... the fall is upon us.  Well, I can't be too excited - things don't technically cool off around these parts for a few more weeks.  But, on with it already!

I mentioned over here that Baby B started school.  Perhaps that is a grand statement given that he only attends one day a week, and it's for a few hours when he does ... but ... again ... on with it already!  Here he is all decked out in his Cali finest (Vanns and a bowling style shirt) before heading off to school.
This boy is a total flirt and a complete charmer when adults are around.  But, you put him in front of other littles and he, well ... clams right up.  He's used to being the only little and likes it just that way.  So, the first week or two of school caused a bit of a camotion around these parts.  Let's simplify the story by saying he did NOT want anything to do with school and cried his precious little eyes out in attempt to get his way and go home.  Ms. T, K and L were so patient and sweet as honey to give some extra care and make Baby B feel welcome.  They even suggested sending him a few times the first week or two just so he acclimated.

Well, their plan worked.  And just a short few visits later, Baby B is a hit on the preschool playground.  He laughs, giggles and comes home with a school report of "cheerful" and "happy" each time!  We will certainly take that!

To thank these sweet teachers for their extra help and to celebrate the fact we (finally) made it through a full school day without a meltdown, I packaged up these sweet treats and sent them along with Baby B back for another day.

 That's right ... just as the label suggests ... each little box was full of an individual s'more kit that was a sure hit!

I printed labels and punched them with an oversize round punch.  The round was affixed to a square of patterned paper.  Burlap ribbon wrapped the box (from Michaels).  Inside, paper shreds lined the bottom and kept the s'more supplies in place.  To ensure they stayed fresh - I wrapped the marshmellows and crackers in plastic favor bags that I had on hand (always!).
Dear Hubs and Nanny McD thought I'd lost my mind for doing this, but I was just so darn appreciative of the sweetness these ladies showed that I thought a s'more was in order!
Happy Friday, ya'll!