September 12, 2012

Sunday Supper

Yes, this is post #2 this week devoted to the delish food and drinks I consumed last weekend! On Sunday evening, as we were winding down our weekend festivities, the fam came over for a casual Sunday Supper. We try to do this most weeks. It gives Zsa Zsa, Dear Ole' Dad and Lala a chance to catch up with us AND most importantly, dote all over their prized baby B.

This weekend, I was so excited about my take home Holeman and Fitch ciabatta that i almost called that dinner! Instead, I made an easy dish of Hilton Head shrimp, big salad, the notorious bread with herb des provence butter and a lovely honeycomb almond cake for dessert! And every ounce of stuffed you may feel from reading that pales in comparison to how full we all were after dinner!

Whenever possible, that means not "too hot" or "too humid" as defined by Dear Hubs or "too cold" as defined by Zsa Zsa, we try to dine outside.  The table is casually set and we balance the meal somewhere between Thanksgiving fancy and fend for yourself Lord of the Flies.  I was pleased as punch that the table, recently painted for it's final (Lord willing) face lift, was dry in time for dinner!  The newly painted chalkboard table welcomed everyone with a "Bon Appetit y'all" written on both sides of the table.

The darling "sweet" and "water" tags were a birthday gift from Lala and were on backorder for two long months.  This was the first time I had to show them off.  I just love them.  Once again, Ballard Designs came up with a cute little thing I just had to have!

The much discussed "bread" was slightly toasted and sliced.  Served with a homemade spread it was just divine!  To make the butter, I softened a stick of salted butter and added a heaping dose of Herbes des Provence (French blend herbs) and a big pinch of kosher salt.  The result was just lovely.

Besides the bread, I tried to stay true to a gluten free meal.  Lala has a wheat allergy that was just recently diagnosed so I always try to accomidate when we can.  I always look for a reason to break out my Williams Sonoma honey comb pan, so this was as good of an excuse as any! 
This cake was simply great and totally gluten free!  Who knew that there are regular cake mixes now on the cake aisle that are gluten free.  Exciting stuff for Lala!  I took a gluten free yellow cake mix, stirred in about 1/2 cup of ground, toasted almonds and a dash of almond extract.  The cake turned out moist and yummy.  Topped with a honey glaze made of Savannah Bee Company honey, light brown sugar and butter ... yummy just got even better!

cheers to Sunday Supper, y'all!