June 10, 2011

Backyard Challenge: The Porch

One thing is certain when it comes to projects that Dear Hubs and I are supervising, when we make a decision to get moving on something ... we move, and fast.  I'm pleased as punch to report that the Phase 1 of the backyard challenge (the screened in porch) gets a checkmark in the "Complete" column!

The "before" pictures were posted on this posting last week.  First things first, to make the vision a reality, we ripped off, removed and expanded bigger and better the existing deck; making it the perfect foundation for the screened in porch.  Then, the new structure with roof was put in place pretty quickly, painted and stained.  After that ... the fun part (for me) ensues and I get busy locating appropriate furniture and accessories to round out the new outdoor room.  While the surrounding landscape will still take some time to rehabilitate and finalize (future phase), the space is otherwise complete and ready to be lived in on the inside!


Directive to contractor "Whatever you do, don't kill my hydrangea!"

All in a day's work!  Well, maybe two or three days :)

Since I'm a mosquito magnet and we don't have an outdoor deck just yet (future phase), we decided to make the screened in porch a dual purpose space with a dining table and a seating area.  So far, it's worked perfectly and I love that we can enjoy this room for both relaxing and reading as well as a shady bug free spot to enjoy a meal.  From previous redecorating projects and patio furniture that was still in good shape, we were only a few key pieces shy of having a fully decorated outdoor room.  Those needs were quickly filled with some determined shopping and collecting of the finishing pieces!

Furniture from Home Depot, Martha Stewart collection

Spacious table with room enough to pull up additional chairs

Antique milk crate, perfect for storing magazines!

Sugar mold, fleur de lis and a small plant round out the coffee table

Now, all is in place and I've spent many a morning reading my WSJ and many an evening reading my current book club book from the comforts of my comfy settee. Zsa Zsa even passed along a little zen water fountain to keep me company until I can decide what larger water feature is appropriate for the space. I just can't rave enough about how necessary a screened in porch is to make these hot southern summer days bearable!

So if you stop by, ya'll know where to find me!
~charmed b

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