June 14, 2011

Reason to Celebrate

I love celebrating milestones, big and small, with friends and family.  I know Dear Hubs is convinced that sometimes I even invent little milestones or cause for celebration just to have a festive fete to plan!  But, that wasn't the case this past weekend - there was an exciting reason to celebrate, indeed.  Dear A is engaged and her friends couldn't be more thrilled!  A is just such a wonderful gal and we all are so excited that she has finally met the man of her dreams in her mister M.

To wish our bride all the best, a group of dear college friends gathered at one of my favorite, girly Atlanta  lunch spots; the Swan Coach House.  You have heard me rave about this spot before and this time it was the perfect location for a fab celebration for our fave bride to be!  Friends travelled from far and away to be part of the special time; and dear C wins the award for making it all the way from NYC that very morning to celebrate (and she still looked adorably polished in the cutest dress after an early morning flight!).  It's always such a fun time catching up with these girls on the latest gossip, what the littles are up to and all the other exciting stories. 

Bestie M and I gussied up the already girly table with favors, flowers and adorable printed decor.  M is an amazing whiz with paper design, and collectively we have such fun whenever we can combine our passions to create a "party in the box" on the go! 

We dined on a lovely SCH lunch and celebrated with the signature swans for dessert!  Of course, I just couldn't pass up the frozen fruit salad that is just my fave!  I found the recipe online and cannot wait to try it at home, it certainly won't come with the side of southern flair that the SCH delivers, but will certainly do in a pinch!

All in all, I sure do love my time with these girls and we all wish dear A nothing but the best and brightest future for her walk down the aisle!  XOXO, A!

Beautiful Waterford frame from L and A - perfect for the bride!

Posing with M and C (I love that I actually look real short here!)

Monogrammed candle from me and M
A & A are all smiles!

Super cute cherry apron & cook book from C