June 13, 2011

The Corporate Ladder ... in Stilettos

Craftiness, entertaining and keeping a charmed house are all things I love.  Equally, I'm passionate about my career and have both corporate ladder and entrepreneurial goals and aspirations.  Recently, I had the fantastic opportunity to attend a women's leadership conference for work and came home inspired and ready to take on the business world!  Conveniently, I came across this really fab nail polish color that same week.  Fate ... the color is by the Nicole label (by OPI) and is called "The Next CEO".

Nothing says corporate power diva quite like "The Next CEO" nail polish!

So, in addition to buying myself a bottle of this great color, I stocked up (no easy task since every store seemed to be sold out of this color!) and challenged myself to give a few of my fellow corporate divas a sweet surprise.  In addition to wrapping the polish, I tasked myself to write each woman a card to tell them how fab they are and what specifically inspires me about them.  I know that when they receive this their day will be a little brighter and it may just give them that little boost to make their week that much smoother and positive!

This was such a fun little treat to brighten a friend's day!  Give it a whirl!

~charmed b