June 30, 2011

Easy Red, White and Blue

While I (impatiently) wait the arrival of Baby B, who clearly came by his fashionable lateness naturally .... I've been crafting, cleaning and passing the time the best I can.  While I'm working on welcome baby crafts like it is my major in college, I did find some time to create this super cute display for my kitchen island to celebrate the 4th of July in adorable style.  And the best part ... I was able to do this with various odds and ends around the craft room - FREE (did you hear that Dear Hubs?)! 

Channelling my inner kindergartner, I fashioned these too cute paper fans in festive red, white and blue.  This is such an easy craft - you must try!  I paired the paper fan bouquets with a terra cotta pot full of red and white candles and voila ... a festive masterpiece for my kitchen!

The Dish (what you need):
  • Glue (hot glue or craft works just fine)
  • Various papers (scrapbook, construction, etc)
  • Craft sticks
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Floral Foam
  • Container
  • Double side tape - optional
How To Voodoo (what to do):
1.    Begin by folding the paper back in forth like a fan.

2.  Once completely folded, take the fan and pinch in the middle.  Secure with a staple.
3.  Use the scissors to cut a decorative edge on the paper.  I used a rounded cut, a single V shape, a double V shape, etc.  Be sure to cut them at different lengths so that you have different size fans at the end. 
4.  Fan out the paper and tape or glue the opposite sides of the paper fan together to create a half circle fan.

5.  Complete the same step on the other side (this one will be tougher) and secure with tape or glue. 

6.  Add a craft stick to the back with glue.
7.  If you used tape, secure any areas needed with glue to ensure the full circle fan holds.
8.  Take the fans on stick and place them in a container full of foam.  Cover foam with tissue paper or crinkles.

Happy 4th of July, Ya'll!